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December 2017

During the weekend of the 9th December, we were put onto Standby on the Saturday afternoon at 2pm. Drivers checked their vehicles, the equipment they carry and prepared themselves for the snow whilst our controllers checked all their equipment including the radios and IT system.
When the snow fell, the jobs started coming in thick and fast and drivers were being despatched all across the Worcestershire & Gloucestershire area from around 7am on Sunday morning. Journeys included collecting nurses and care workers from Wolverhampton, Worcester, Stourport, Stroud, Cirencester, the Forest and north Cotswolds and taking them to and from facilities in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, whilst also ensuring the safety of other road users by removing fallen branches and trees that could cause a danger on the road.
In total, 121 jobs were completed by 24 drivers, and whilst the mileage has not yet been calculated its fair to say that it is likely to be in excess of 2,500 miles driven!

“4×4 response drivers covered 2,500 miles in snow to ensure carers and hospital staff could get to work”





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