GW4x4R members come from all walks of life

We are united by our desire to help our community, particularly our most vulnerable residents, during adverse conditions.You don't even need a 4x4 vehicle to help.
There are two main roles within the group:
  • Response driver
  • Controller
However, if you have specialist skills that you think will benefit the group, please let us know.

  • This is a volunteer role, and we recognise that not everyone can take time off work, so you can decline a task if you have to. However we would expect you to give up an evening watching TV to respond to a call out, and to refrain from drinking alcohol when on standby due to adverse weather.
  • We hold training or social nights every month, and two training days a year (which you will be expected to attend).
  • We do ask members to commit 2 days to marshalling events during the summer as this brings in much-needed funds to the group, to cover equipment & training costs for new members.
To take this further please contact the Membership Officer.